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Caulking control joints & cracks in concrete will allow for your concrete to expand & contract, yet keep moisture from funneling through the gaps.

We have a variety of construction-grade caulk available to fit the job at hand.

Concrete Repairs

When moisture penetrates concrete it can cause a series of issues. Due to the extreme weather change, it can cause concrete to crack or “pop”.

After time, the moisture will work its way to the rebar, pencil rod, or pins in the concrete, in which, the corrosion process will begin. Rust and deterioration of the concrete reinforcement.

It is our job to help recognize these areas, remove existing bad concrete, and prep accordingly for new concrete patching material.

Repairing these areas at an early stage to stop the growth of the area (failing concrete & even more moisture migration) would be certainly more cost-efficient.

DustLESS Floor Prep

Need existing coating or sealer removed?

We have a floor scraper to remove existing coatings and floor grinders with vacuums to help keep the dust at a minimum. This equipment allows us to efficiently prepare your substrate to ensure appropriate bonding prior to coatings.

Epoxy Build UP & Epoxy Coatings

Prior to coatings we also recommend assessing the area for low spots to avoid puddling. We have found several options using an epoxy build-up material to level your substrate and minimize puddling.

We have also really expanded our services with popular epoxy coatings. Incorporating decorative quartz or flake into your epoxy floor can really enhance the look of the whole room!

Expansion Joints

Through certification and many years of experience, we have worked with some of the best materials for quality and acquired the expertise necessary for an efficient installation process.

When caulk doesn’t seem to hold up to extreme expansion and contraction between slabs of concrete. Installation of the appropriate expansion joint material is necessary to bridge gaps for foot and vehicular traffic.

Polyurethane Coatings

A great way to waterproof your concrete is by applying a polyurethane coating system to your concrete substrate.

Polyurethane coating creates a rubberized membrane that with bridge fine cracks in your concrete, yet also provide a non-slip surface that will hold up to foot traffic and vehicular traffic longer than a standard concrete sealer.

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